Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I am NOT in charge!

Sorry I've been AWOL for a while. Between a root canal and a miserable cold, I haven't even had the will to blog or surf for about a week, but I am glad to report that I'm mostly well and back at the keyboard!

More than one garden author has speculated about the inherent masochistic tendencies of most gardeners. And when they write about us beating our heads against the wall repeatedly, and even with fervor, I have to laugh out loud -- at myself.

That's me. I'm a control freak. There -- I said it! Seriously, it's a problem. And it seems so ironic to me that I would take such delight in a hobby over which I clearly have such little control. Maybe it's nature's way of trying to balance me out -- a higher power sending me a message, if you will.

But I keep at it, in spite of the fact that I know in my heart, that whatever "success" I might enjoy, I'm really, ultimately, not responsible for it!

So, today, I share with you some of my little garden reminders that "I am NOT in charge!"

The first photo above is the lovely, but unwanted trumpet vine that keeps trying to insinuate itself in many, many places that it is NOT wanted and was NOT planted!

This is the Crossvine, winding its way up into the oak trees, and not, all along the right side of the wrought iron fence, as I intended!
On the other side of the Crossvine, we find the beautiful, but precocious Wisteria, who was supposed to grow LEFT along the wood fence, but now, instead, has chosen to chase the Crossvine down the iron fence. Silly girl!
This is an unidentified salvia, planted by the previous owner. I foolishly thought I had eradicated it from its inappropriate location 3 years ago, only to find it back in full force this Spring. I've moved some of it to a better spot where it can grow wild and rampant, but I'm sure that it will DIE there because I planted it!
This is a grape vine that my neighbor gave me and I unitentionally killed last fall. And I have no good place to plant it, but it's alive and begging me for help.
These are morning glories that have come back from last year. However, they waited until I bought new morning glories in a 1 gallon pot and planted them in the same place!
This is a cypress vine that took over the fence and the plants and the air conditioner and everything in sight last year, not JUST the fence by which they were lovingly planted. I'm systematically ripping these new shoots out the minute I see them now! I did plant 2 in a pot to try to contain them. Wonder how that will work out for me? Wanna guess?!!
And, this is a lovely and healthy New Gold Lantana that was NOT planted in this spot that invades the patio by several feet by mid summer. Just don't have the heart to rip it out of there.

So. I'm not in charge. Enough said.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I can certainly empathize with you. I had a root canal monday and it isn't pleasant.

I can also identify with the statement that "I am not in charge". Now that is probably a good thing. Ha...

Pam/Digging said...

True, you are not in control of what grows or thrives or tries to take over. But you ARE in control of what you rip out. Bwa-ha-haa! Seize control where you can, Diana. ;-)

mss @ Zanthan Gardens said...

Hope you're feeling better after that double-whammy...a root canal and a cold. Bleah.

I don't know if I agree with Pam/Digging above--seems like you rip out plenty of things only to have them come back tougher than ever. I feel that way about the horseherb, the bindweed, the poison ivy, the four o'clocks, and the cypress vine. I let the latter take over last year and it smothered my roses.

Gardening is really hard on us control freaks. I wonder why we are drawn to it. Maybe we just like the challenge.

Diana said...

Lisa - so, was the root canal a molar? I'm so sorry for you - really! Mine was a back molar and I still can't open my mouth all the way. But that's just from being manhandled - the tooth seems fine, luckily. Hope you're recovering ok.

Pam -- No, I'm not even in charge of that. It keeps coming BAAAAAAACK! Argh. I kill things I don't want to kill and I can't kill the things I do.

MSS - You're so right. I'm just challenged all the way around. And sick, too, because I just keep a-comin back for more!

Mary Beth said...

I think I spend 10 times more time pulling things out than planting them! You're pictures make me feel better!

Christine said...

I had a nasty cold for something like the last two weeks. I'm right there with you, sister. I finally feel better, and got to go out to the garden today.

Lee17 said...

Ha! Like your morning glories, I had a Yellow bells plant I thought was dead (it has a companion that came right back), I waited and waited and waited for that darn thing to come back, and got nothing. So out I went and bought a new one - guess what, when I went to plant it, it was coming back from the roots - little green sprouts everywhere! Now I have an extra Yellow bells I have to figure out what to do with. Sheesh.

Cindy said...

Diana, glad you're back amongst us. May you recover as fast as the danged cypress vine grows. A friend in DC gave me seeds for the white cardinal climber 10 years ago and I learned that it knows no boundaries. I've already started pulling seedlings. This year I'm not allowing it to entice me into letting it stay!

Diana said...

Mary Beth -- so glad we can commiserate together. It does help to know you aren't the only one ripping plants, and your hair, out!

Christine - hope you're well. Mine's just hanging on, but I am determined to do some planting today regardless! I have many plants that have been waiting patiently for me.

Lee - Sorry about your Yellow Bells, it IS annoying, isn't it? They just need to get with the program!

Cindy - I can relate to being enticed by plants. I hate to kill em and foolishly think to myself, oh I will just prune it a little. HA!