Happy Earth Day!

Oh, it's a glorious Earth Day here in Austin. The sun finally decided to make an appearance and it's 86 degrees.

After visiting a sick friend, I came home through a neighboring community and stopped at a local nursery. Beautiful stuff. I bought this bougainvilla for the corner of the day lily bed. I plan to train it up a small trellis so that it has some height for the corner.

And after enticing you with the beautiful blooms, here are two sad sights, but with the full promise of the future. This is a volunteer white Crape Myrtle that I dug up and replanted in a sunny spot along the fence in the woods. I lovingly trudge over there every few days to water it with a watering can. (wonder how long THAT will last?!)

And this is a mystery sage, left by the previous owner. It's tall - 3-4 feet, and has beautiful light blue blooms. But it didn't belong next to our front pathway. I pulled it all out 3 years ago, but it came back this spring, so I decided to try transplanting most of the shoots to a place where they can be as tall and invasive as they like. If they grow all along the fence, that'd be fine with me.
And now I'm off to mess with the chicken wire to keep out the bunnies. So, I hope you have enjoyed your Earth Day and got to spend some time in your garden or connecting with the Earth.

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