The grass is always greener ...

No, this isn't an envy post! Actually, after looking at so many lovely GBBD posts of flowers, it made me realize that those beautiful blooms often overpower the other interests in our gardens. This Spring, in particular, I've been struck by the amazing hues of green bursting forth all around me.

From new growth that is dramatically different than its siblings to all the different greens in the color spectrum.

No, no flowers today.

Just green, green green. (I was humming that, then I realized that it was actually, "Dream, dream, dream..." so I couldn't use that for a title -- besides, I'd date myself that way, so pretend I didn't write that!)

Japanese Maple
Little Gem Magnolia
Texas Mountain Laurel
Prostrate Rosemary
Daisies in my kitchen!
Bald Cypress tree
Native Texas Persimmon
Variegated Ginger
River Fern