Friday, April 18, 2008

The grass is always greener ...

No, this isn't an envy post! Actually, after looking at so many lovely GBBD posts of flowers, it made me realize that those beautiful blooms often overpower the other interests in our gardens. This Spring, in particular, I've been struck by the amazing hues of green bursting forth all around me.

From new growth that is dramatically different than its siblings to all the different greens in the color spectrum.

No, no flowers today.

Just green, green green. (I was humming that, then I realized that it was actually, "Dream, dream, dream..." so I couldn't use that for a title -- besides, I'd date myself that way, so pretend I didn't write that!)

Japanese Maple
Little Gem Magnolia
Texas Mountain Laurel
Prostrate Rosemary
Daisies in my kitchen!
Bald Cypress tree
Native Texas Persimmon
Variegated Ginger
River Fern


Laura said...

i love your post! green is my favorite color-there are an endless amount of shades of green and it really is the essence of nature. beautiful!!

Debbie said...

Diana, here in the northeast where we are still pretty much in the gray phase of spring, I love the emergence of the the greens. It is like a salve on our winter weary souls to see the greens come out.

Love the post.

Diana said...

Hey Laura - It is nice to see all the green. Sometimes I think we just overlook it in our search for blooms.

Debbie - So much of the time here we either have the brown of drought or dormant. Last year's heavy summer rains helped us stay green through the heat of Aug/Sept. Hope Spring graces you with her greens soon!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I was thinking about this very subject today. You have some very lovely greens in your garden. One of our euonomous is almost a yellow green on its new leaves as the older parts of the plant are a dark green which is what got me to thinking about various shades of green. Green is one of my favorite colors.

Robin (Bumblebee) said...

Green is good! And after all, it's not just green. There's light green, forest green, black green, dark green, lemon green...

Robin at Bumblebee

Diana said...

Lisa - Green IS good. Way better than brown, if you ask me!

Robin - yes, there's also grey green and grass green and ... o.k. - I'll stop!

Shellmo said...

I enjoyed all the greenery! Nice photos!

Diana said...

Shell - thanks. It just looked so lush out there that I had to post about it before it get so hot here. It's supposed to be 93 on Tuesday!

Layanee said...

Green is so soothing and certainly signals spring. I used to love the color 'spring green' in the Crayola crayon box. The color of emerging foliage! All green is wonderful!

Michelle said...

I hate to do it but I must. I MUST copy your idea!! I promise to give full credit and tell them how much you inspired me to do a "green post". I love it!!!!

Happy Planting~

Diana said...

Layanee -- Oh - I forgot about the crayon. Sometimes they come up for the most wonderful names for things based on colors.

Michelle -- Oh, copy away. You know, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and I get so many ideas from garden bloggers all over. It's like one big creative melting pot!

Carol said...

I love green, all shades of green! I actually would like to plant a garden of all green flowers. It would either end up restful and serene, or boring as all get out. Only one way to find out...

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Diana said...

Carol: All green flowers would certainly be interesting! I do love green flowers - green gladiolas especially. There's something other-wordly about flowers in green, don't you think?