Oops ... I missed a few ...

When I took GBBD photos this week, I didn't even check the vines. Then I saw some wisteria in bloom while out driving and rushed home to check mine. Yeah! Wisteria in baby bloom. Very few blooms, but lots of soft, fuzzy caterpillar-like buds all over it.

And then, I turned around and realized I hadn't seen the Coral Trumpetvine because it wasn't blooming on the fence, it was blooming far up in the tree beyond the fence!
You can see the fence tips at the bottom of the foreground, and the Coral Trumpet vine is planted in front of it.

Plants in the mail! Whoo hoo. I have things lined up in the garage waiting for a good planting day.

Yesterday was NOT a good planting day. I was trying to capture a picture of the river of rain in our dry river bed pathway. You may not be able to see the rushing water, but you can sure see all those evil oak leaves!And here are our palm trees in the blustery breeze.