oooh, oooh, oooh...

Ok, so thus far, I suck at seeds.  Sorry.  But that's the ugly truth.  My seedlings (round 2) are still alive, but I'm not holding out too much hope for them.  So, I'm going to toss the seed catalogs, because tonight, I let my fingers do the walking at a Daylily farm!  

Wow.  I've always been partial to them, but never had a great place to put them.  I collect a new one or two each year at the Zilker Garden Festival, but most of them have been over-run or eaten.  

But now, I have a NEW bed - an empty bed - just outside the breakfast window, that needs something.  And  while it isn't all-day sun - it is all afternoon sun and I am hoping that's enough.  (Cross your fingers)

I got purple and orange and yellow, short and tall, and early and late bloomers.  And the bed is inside the privacy fence, so they will be safe from the deer. 

(I've been looking at this bed for years, and just removed the two sad olive trees that the previous owners planted in a stupid place so tight they couldn't even stand up straight any more - against the fence, against the house and bordered by a sidewalk --- and two of them in 12 feet X 14 feet or so.  Sheesh - I guess they were cute when they were 3 feet tall - aargh)

Pssst...don't tell anyone - but I rush shipped them because I need them NOW! Inspiration came to me tonight and even drew out a plan!

So, now I need a nice but not too invasive vine to grow up the fence behind them ... suggestions anyone?  I already have cross vine, trumpet vine, Mexican Flame vine, morning glories and wisteria climbing around -- I'd like something new.  Pam -- what was that white flowering vine you posted a week or so ago?  Send me your ideas!