In the ground ... finally

On Sunday a few little plants went into the vegetable garden - strawberries, peppers, collards and one tomato.

This bed is anxiously awaiting seeds!
This is the lone tomato - who was immediately whipped around into a limp mess by the gusty winds, so I propped him a little and didn't plant the other two.  We are supposed to have storms today, so I thought I would wait just a few days more.  Then yesterday, lo and behold, my TomatoBob Heirloom seed order arrived!
In addition to my traditional celebrity plants, I am going to try Black Krim,Yellow Giant Belgium, Omar's Lebanese and Eva's Purple Ball.  I also got a free sample package of Hank tomato seeds.  I chose varieties that aren't as likely to split - a problem here with occasional torrential rains, and those that are also pretty heat- tolerant.  

Around here we typically get two seasons from our tomatoes - a brief respite in August/September when it's too hot for most varieties to set, and then a full second season of yummy tomatoes after that.  My stand-bys are Celebrity, Big Boy, and Better Boy, but I just love to try new varieties.  Last year we also grew Cherokee Purple and Juliets, interesting, but not as tasty as some.

What are your favorites?  Determinate or indeterminate?  Any great heat-tolerant tomatoes I just have to try?  I'm always looking for new recommendations!