Garden Geek Celebration

Ok, I cannot remember whose blog it was on (I have a terrible memory - please forgive me -- and tell me who it was!), but a few weeks ago I commented on a post about Valentine Garden Geeks. And while I didn't fit the bill there, I do now!

I celebrated my birthday this week and I wanted to share with you some of my lovely garden-related gifts. You might guess that my five-year-old daughter -- the girliest of girls imaginable -- picked out the fluorescent pink bird feeder for me (with her Dad's help.)

They both picked out these terrific little snippers - perfect for deadheading and small plant pruning. I can't wait to try them out!
And my DH, who always uses knee pads, got me these to ease the bending.

My Mom and Dad got me this little garden fella -- he's a hand carved bird feeder. A tad heavy for the branches we have to hang him on, so he either needs a special mount or we may just leave him leaning against the tree on the ground. He's kinda cute there!

And here is my "big" birthday gift. Many of you have already met Artemis, who now graces the front of a fedgling new garden bed. Mom and Dad also gave me a huge ferm to put in her head, but she has a tiny little head and it didn't fit. So, the coral/salmon geraniums will stay there for now. They brighten up that end of the path, anyway, don't you think?

I'd say this plethora of garden goodies makes me a Garden Geek...don't you agree?!