Coming up roses ... well, not really ...

...but Toad Lilies and Mexican Flame Vines ARE coming up! These are two plants I wasn't sure I would see again after this winter, but I'm so happy that they have little green sprouts peeking up out of the ground.

I especially love the toad lilies -- they are among my favorites and someone did eat some of them last fall, so I wasn't sure I would ever see these expensive little plants again. (Someone wild, not my rascally dogs on this one!)

The Flame Vine went in last summer, so it hadn't overwintered here yet, and while it is supposed to be a perennial, you just never know, do you?!

This is where the Mexican Flame Vine will grow up!
These are those experimental daffodils that I planted in January because I hadn't gotten around to them at Thanksgiving. I hope they make it, it's supposed to be 90 F tomorrow -- think it will stunt their growth?
And, since it's going to be 90 F tomorrow, I plan to do my grocery shopping and a little work in the morning and RUSH home to plant all these guys in my garden. Below I have strawberries, tomatoes, peppers and collards. There is a stray sedum in there to put into the rock pathway, too.

Then, I am hoping to put the Thornless Mexican Lime tree and rose bush into pots and put the Japanese Red Maple into the ground. Whew...I'm tired already!

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