They're Baaaaaaaaack!

Oh my. Oh my my. This is the first bluebonnet of Spring. I'm sure it must be one of the first in Central Texas because it is MUCH too early! I can't say that it's mine, though. I noticed it yesterday while walking the stupiddogs in our neighborhood. (That's my new name for my mutts who are causing me unbelieveable grief!

My neighbors have this small clump of blue bonnet leaves -- probably a foot square -- that's been as green and happy as it can be for a month now. Their whole front area by the street is usually a field of bluebonnets in March or April, but this is the first little clump to appear.
And I can't for the life of me get the name of these daisies off my tongue -- are they nerve daisies? Anyone know? I think that's what they are, but we have so many daisy wildflowers that I can't always keep up with them. Wildflowers. On February 10. wow. Not much else to say but that. Enjoy.

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