Shine a little light on me ...

Leatherleaf Mahonia
The light was so beautiful this moring, I thought I'd capture some interest in the garden in spite of our seasonal purgatory here in Central Texas. We get a few nice days and then it freezes again...we can't quite plan or plant just yet. But, Mother Nature teases us every once in a while with a lovely warm day like today. Viburnum flowering in the back yard.
I bought this at a neighbor's plant sale and now, 7 months later, I can't remember what it is. It's on the ip of my tongue. It has soft, fuzzy leaves and grows talk stalks with tiny, buttery-yellow blooms throughout the summer...aarrgghhh! Maybe I'll think of it, and maybe someone out there can "pop" me on the side of the head like I shoulda had a V-8 and tell me what it is!!! It's starting to sprout up from the ground.
I have lots of these blooming right now! Hmmmm....
Can you guess what this is? I'll give you a hint: It's a vine. That's all you get. The first person to correctly name this plant will get some seeds from me. Give it a shot!

Wish we could send some of this nice weather today (72f today) to our friends in the north, but I guess you'll have ot settle for pictures for now.