Sunday, February 17, 2008

A peek at Spring...

These phlox were just alive with color today, after having a lovely, rainy and cool day yesterday.  The weather forcasters were off on their projected high temp for the day by 23 degrees!  It was 42 instead of 65....the storms and hail and tornadoes they warned about never materialized.  Instead, we enjoyed a good steady rain all day.  

And while it was very cold to be outside on a landscape job (my teeth were literally chattering while we were walking the yard), we needed it.  We also needed the reminder that it's still technically winter, even if it doesn't act like it much around here!

I know you will never tire of seeing my slowly evolving daffodil, so here she is again today - just about to open early in the morning.  Some of her friends joined her this afternoon when the sun came out and it was 69 for a while.  They'll probably make a showing here tomorrow.  (I know you can't wait!)


Robin's Nesting Place said...

Diana, I saw the comment you left on my blog. It is a small world indeed. How funny that you have shopped in my little town. You'll have to visit the new outdoor mall they're building next time you come. It is amazing how this place is changing. Lucky for them, Arcadia isn't experiencing the growth like we are.

I love seeing a carpet of phlox in bloom. That is a lovely shot of the daffodil with the blue sky for a backdrop.

Frances said...

Oh boy, time for the phlox! I often forget about them, watching the daffodils, hellebores and quince, maybe because they are so low to the ground, until they bloom that is. Then they provide the perfect backdrop for the yellow daffs. Thanks for the reminder.

Frances at Faire Garden

Naturegirl said...

Diana I am so pleased that you introduced yourself to me! A master gardener..oh boy would I love you as my neighbor!! I am going to be driving through your state on route to AZ next week! Staying for 2 months so stay tuned to Nature-Trail for images of Spring in the desert! Last year I posted some wonderful blossoms that literally took my breath away!
Sigh..soon I'll be leaving my mountains of snow banks for desert skies! Your blog is wonderful filled with blossoms to delight my eyes! Lets keep in touch!
Now if you wee my neigbour I'd have you feed my cats but you're not so they come with me! hugs NG

Giddy said...

Good Morning, and thanks for stopping by my blog. We're still under a blanket of snow up here, so it's nice to visit a southern blog. Of course, this August, when the southerners are burning up, I'll be blogging about the nice cool temps! I'll be back to check on your progress often.

Diana said...

Robin -- I really enjoy following you and your fellow IN bloggers. I'm so enthralled with the plants that grow up there every time I visit. And you have a great Scrapbook store! My husband took the daffy shot for me - he was testing his new birthday gorilla tripod.

Frances -- sometimes in August I feel like ripping out the phlox because they look so dead, but now I'll remember how much I enjoyed them this winter and baby them with a little hand-watering. (They need so much extra water when things are so hot and dry here).

Nature GIrl - Oh, I'd feed your cats, but that's kind of far to go! Eager to see your AZ pictures - that climate is so very different from ours, even though we're both hot. Have a great trip and I'll keep watching your blog!

Giddy - When I'm complaining of heat in August and September you will have to remind me what a nice winter we enjoyed while you were freezing -- brrrr.... I'll be visiting your lovely blog again.

mss @ Zanthan Gardens said...

Wasn't the day after the rain just as perfect as a day could be. If only summer in Austin was more like this. Or if only we got rain once a week.

Diana said...

MSS - it WAS perfect. And yesterday was pretty perfect, too. I was out planting from 2-4:30ish and in heaven. I'm going to run to a landscape job quick this morning so I can stop at the nursery again (I planted everything yesterday!) and get back before noon to get some more work done. I SHOULD prune, instead of plant, but I figure I will do a little of both to appease both the Ant and the Bee in me!