A peek at Spring...

These phlox were just alive with color today, after having a lovely, rainy and cool day yesterday.  The weather forcasters were off on their projected high temp for the day by 23 degrees!  It was 42 instead of 65....the storms and hail and tornadoes they warned about never materialized.  Instead, we enjoyed a good steady rain all day.  

And while it was very cold to be outside on a landscape job (my teeth were literally chattering while we were walking the yard), we needed it.  We also needed the reminder that it's still technically winter, even if it doesn't act like it much around here!

I know you will never tire of seeing my slowly evolving daffodil, so here she is again today - just about to open early in the morning.  Some of her friends joined her this afternoon when the sun came out and it was 69 for a while.  They'll probably make a showing here tomorrow.  (I know you can't wait!)

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