One little bud...

One tiny little bud, trying with all of his (or) her might to peek out and say hello to the world! In a week or so, I should have some lovely daffodils swaying in the breeze. The clumps that I planted in the fall appear to be coming up, but the ones that have been there for 3 years haven't surfaced yet. I sure hope they didn't get damaged in any way when we replanted that bed. They were far away from the other plants, but you never know how they can be traumatized. And I have a clump by the front of the driveway that is always the very last of the bulbs to appear, so they will be spread out this year for sure.

Yesterday I planted some California orange poppy plants and some other little things from the Natural Gardener. And while I was hunched over the bed pruning, I almost poked my eye out with the dead lantana and salvia stems, so I started pruning. And before I knew it (or about an hour and a half later, I had one whole side of the river rock path finished! It looks so much better with the dead stuff gone. And now I can actually see some new growth coming up from the ground on the indigo spires and the salvia and maybe even the Mexican oregano. I don't know why pruning always feels like such a monumental project for me.

Maybe it's because I am a bee by nature! But yesterday I was the ant and just powered right through a small section of it. Felt good to put on the rubber gloves and get dirty.

P.S. Note to self: Buy some new gloves -- these are stinky!

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