Night vision...

I was just about to go to bed (without posting--bad girl, I know!) and was closing the blinds in the breakfast room when I saw two yearling deer enjoying a midnight snack from our bird feeders! I started to scare them off, then changed my mind and simply stood and watched them. I startled one, but she shyly came back. I walked away, and was drawn back for another peak at them -- I love to watch them and they are so skittish, there just aren't many opportunities. They are beautiful animals. 

So, I'm letting them eat the bird seed (I wonder which kind is their favorite? Sunflower, safflower or mixed song bird??!! OR, they might have gotten a nibble of leftover fruit that I cut up and put out there yesterday -- yumm-o!)

I'm glad I got to see them and that they had a nice snack. Come morning, if I find that they've eaten my tray of johnny jump ups or my newly planted bulbs, I might change my tune, but for tonight, I'm at peace with the world and the animal kingdom.

Sweet dreams!

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