A little Sunshine in my garden

We had a mixed bag of weather today - humid and damp and misty this morning, then that broke and the sun came out and then a cold front blew in and blew right back out again, leaving sunshine and warmth for the rest of the afternoon. As I was cleaning up the back patio and pruning some, I was struck by how many yellows I have in my garden. So I thought I'd take you on a tip-toe through the yellows today. This is a Gerbera daisy left from last year's basket of mixed color.
Mickaela Euonymus
Daffodils - -again!
This is a Duranta stem with some yellow berries on it -- hard to see because it's in the garage still until we pass the early March last possible freeze point. I'm not moving that baby twice -- she's heavy.
Here are some flowers in my kitchen today.
Mums and Alstromeria - some of my favs.
Euryops Daisy
Primrose Jasmine
Variegated shell ginger.
(With quite a bit of freeze damage that I just
haven't cutback yet, so this is a sample of
yellow and dead!)
Leatherleaf Mahonia.
Compact Daisies.

Thought this might be a little ray sunshine for those of you who are still deep in the throes of winter.


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