Gray Day

Well, I guess this is winter for us here in Central Texas. At 10:30 a.m., it is gray and overcast and we're having a light rain. (which is good for us because a real rain usually turns into flooding here very quickly). It's 41 degrees and the forecast says it will get to 65, but I think they are mistaken! The bad news: as this front blows in this afternoon, we are also on the lookout for severe thunderstorms, hail and possible tornadoes as cool air meets warm air.

We need the rain - after last summer's endless rain, we've now been exceptionally dry all fall and winter. So, right now, our gardens are pretty happy. I'm not sure how happy they'll be (little daffodils and such) if we get heavy storms and hail.

So, I'm inside blogging (instead of at the soccer game which was cancelled - yeah!) and about to try again to bake a pie for my husband's birthday today. The first one didn't set yesterday -- buttermilk pie -- but the crust was good and that's the bane of my existence. I'm a really good cook, but I can't bake. And he loves pie, so every few years I try, try again. Today, literally, again!