The good, the bad and the ugly...

Well, this is definitely the good! This photo was taken last August -- it was Kallie's first day of Kindergarten. You can see the soft morning light and the wonderfully green Mexican Flame Vine, Morning Glories, Mexican Mint Marigold, Purple Coneflower, and Lantana.

Here's what the fence looks like right now. Everything is brown and dead. I see no signs of life in this bed yet. I'm hopeful that the flamevine will be perennial and come back, along with the coneflower an the lantana. I sprinkled some of the dead seedheads around the existing dead coneflower to help Mother Nature a little bit ;-)

Guess you can tell from this post that I wasn't in the yard today. A cold, blowing 20 mph wind and 58 degree high kept me indoors - drawing on a landscape plan in the morning and sitting at the automotive shop getting a new tire for 2 hours in the afternoon. (I feel lucky that I found the leak (a screw) and didn't get stuck somewhere.)

Tomorrow, I'll have some pretty pictures of Texas native tree for you - can you guess what what it might be?

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