Friday, February 1, 2008

Dead, or Alive!

Or, Alive and Dead. My flat-leaf parsley just couldn't be happier with this brisk, winter-like weather we're having. It's so big, I've taken to bringing cuttings in to put in a glass in the kitchen just because it's green and alive from the garden.

The other photo is the pile of tomato vines that I pulled up last weekend. The rest of the garden is a big mess, and needs to have grass dug out of it and earth turned before I can put my lettuce and radishes in. And, with my tendinitis, that means it will have to wait until I have someone come in and do it because it's just too much for my arms to handle.

But, I did pick 4 tomatoes and they are ripening in the family room window. You can even see some half-dead ones in the pile there. I don't think they're going to be any good - they look a little speckle-dy (that's the technical garden term!) and are very hard, so I am not holding my breath. But, hey, it's weird Austin weather and conditions, so who knows? I'll keep you posted!

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vbdb said...

It amuses me that someone else still had tomato plants with tomatoes hanging on ... I just got rid of mine, too, and enjoyed eating the last couple of determined "hangers on". Let's talk about cameras at Spring Fling. Can't wait!