Bulbs, bulbs, bulbs...

Call me crazy! I have bulbs coming up, right on schedule, like they're supposed to here in Austin, Texas. BUT, I also still have bulbs sitting in their bags because I was only able to get 1/2 of them in the ground when I was supposed to be planting them. [Here, that's about Thanksgiving time]

So, I'm trying an experiment. If I don't plant them, they won't come up, so I have little to lose other than my time and effort. I put them in the ground this week. Daffodils, irises and allium. This will turn into a beautiful clump of daffodils next Spring -- if I'm lucky! [I focus on the daffodils because the deer have left them alone] The irises and allium are a test. I'm assuming the scent of the allium might protect them -- we'll see.
How hideous is this? Know what it is?

We have a pomegranate tree in the front bed and I simply can't get the fruit to ripen properly, or I'm not picking them properly. They seem to be very under-ripe and then, WHAM -- they explode. This looks like a scary Halloween mask to me!

Mystery Plant Revealed!

I received lots of good guesses about this vine -- but no correct answers. So, drumroll, please! Here it is....my fabulous, young WISTERIA, on the back fence, starting to take on some color and getting ready for beautiful spring blooms.

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