A Little Holiday Sparkle

We enjoyed our annual holiday party Saturday on a glorious, sunny 84-degree day and welcomed 150 people into our home. I did all the hors de oeuvres (except for my husband's famous Sundried Tomato Palmiers) and decorating and it was delightful -- we all had a wonderful time with friends and family. I had so much fun decorating the yard this year - many trees had red glass balls and giant bells and I put out a few poinsettias. Only the large ones placed in big garden pots made it, though, because the wind was in full force and kept blowing the smaller ones around. And, ironically, I had one lone hibiscus flower in bloom with this tropical weather -- a bright RED one!

I'm going to refocus my energies this week -- from party planning to baking and shopping -- and to gardening! I realized I have more than half of my bulbs left and they need to go into the ground! And I have wildflower seeds to sow -- think they'll make it this late? The ground is still so warm, I'm hoping some will take at least. I've made a spot for them in a wild area, so other than raking and sprinkling them, I won't have much invested so I guess it's worth a shot.

Today really felt like winter, with the 40-degree weather and rainy haze. But tomorrow we're back up to 72, so it will be more like what seems to be becoming average Central Texas weather. (Notice I didn't say "normal?")