Toad-ally content

That's what these 3 sneaky little toads were, making a lovely, dirty and damp home in the slightly open bag of potting soil in my garage. I hauled it out yesterday to plant my new agave and thank goodness I LOOKED in it first, because there was a whole family of 4 toads burrowed down in the soil! At first I could only see their eyes. So, I had to shuffle the bag over to a shady flower bed and jiggle and cajole them out of there. Three adults and 1 baby. Even after I'd checked and double-checked the bag, I was a little leery about sticking my hands down in there -- unsure of "who" I might find! They all borrowed down in the mulch together, hiding under some leaves for a while. I hope they found a new home to their liking! The lesson here is clip your bags shut in the garage!

And, sadly, a doe and buck came through our yard last night, knocking over a few pots not yet planted but placed, and I assume they are the ones who also knocked over the bucket with the frog eggs, so we won't be watching those tadpoles hatch.

Don't you LOVE this weather? Fall has finally (almost) arrive here in Austin, Texas. It was upper 80s today, but at night it's been in the mid 60s and just delightful. Makes me want to garden and clean and nest. (Which is a good thing since we're having a garage sale (ugh) in 8 days.