Here we go again...

This is a familiar scene in my garden. These darn bugs have moved in again and are having a banquet on my tomatoes. Neem oil kept them at bay twice before, but I've run out and I may well have run out of will, too! I suppose I will get some more and try to salvage one last crop before it freezes. They are so annoying! They were almost posing for me here!

The bugs seems to have missed my squash for now, knock wood. A few blooms are turning into veggies - I hope they hurry before we have frost! Grow, grow~quickly!

Pruned up my mountain laurels today. The previous homeowner planted a row of them along the driveway -- UNDER the crape myrtles. While they aren't too big yet, they will be, and even now, they lean plaintively to east and the sun -- sad and lacking on their west sides. And one must have blown over as a young plant, because its trunk is almost horizontal. But I love mountain laurels, so I've cleaned them up a little and tried to help the little one look more like an actual tree and the other 5 plants.

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