Fall projects...

Ahhhh - Autumn. And Soup. All kinds of soup. And today -- ta-dah! It's leek soup from the garden! Early this morning I ventured out to pull up a handful of leeks and with the magic of potatoes and butter and cream (though I did at least TRY to keep it lighter today), we now have a delicious pot of soup for our dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow and .... on and on.
Then, after the soup was simmering, I went out and laid down a row of weedblock and 4 bags of mulch in the big bed. Unfortunately, it didn't go far enough. But, with my bad arms, it's better that I do things like this in stages and moderation, so I'm VERY pleased with how PART of the bed looks today. And tomorrow is another day. Besides, my trunk doesn't hold much more than 4 bags of native Texas hardwood mulch and my tendons were really talking to me last night as I crawled into bed -- and that was just from buying the bags!

Beautiful, dappled light in the front yard. This is roughly the spot where we sat in the grass with our jeans and bare feet last week to take a family portrait -- dogs and all! I'll have to see if I can wrangle an electronic photo to post -- our photographer was thrilled with the lighting. Haven't seen them yet, I'm eager to see how all 6 of us turned out!
Some happy Society Garlic
Perky Senna in the Sunshine

Butterflies are free to fly...and fly they did today. I captured lots of them flitting about from flower to flower, enjoying some nice afternoon snacks in the warm sunshine.

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