So, I can officially check "making a checklist" off of my checklist! (I'm such a German!) I've added my Fall To Do list onto the blog so now the world can hold me accountable.

Nothing to show for today -- well, there is, if you count a trash can full of weeds and lantana branches that I pulled out of my vegetable garden. Guess it didn't make for very attractive photography, so I didn't think to snap a shot of it! I literally have a lantana TREE growing volunteer in my garden. I let it stay there in the Spring, because I just hate to kill anything that's even remotely alive. I've regretted it ever since and now it's taking twice as long to cut it back because it's wildly out of control. It overtook the cucumber vines (early on they were hanging from it for support and I thought - "HA" - what a novel trellis!) I think Mother Nature got the last "HA" on this one.

I'm planning to harvest some of my leeks this week and make a lovely leek and potato soup ~ though it might have to be a chilled soup if the weather doesn't cool down soon!