Brisk inspiration

In the Spring, it's the warm sun on my face that inspires me to go out and stick my hands in the dirt, stirring up the first plantings of the season.

Now, the cool, brisk Fall air is invigorating me. Don't you just love to have your doors open this time of year?

A trip to the garden center today netted me some weed block, some native Texas hardwood mulch, and some metal screening. Tomorrow, I'll tackle the pointless job of putting some weed block in the new Big bed and putting down a light cover of mulch. I don't know why I bother - the weed block really doesn't block weeds, but I just can't help but try. (I think I secretly like beating my head against the garden wall!)

Then, I'll be cleaning out the gunk in the fountain out back and making a screen donut to try to keep the oak mess out of it -- at least for a little longer at a time!