Whoo hoo!

Finally, I am thrilled to report that my very green, leafy, overflowing morning glory vine is BLOOMING! It's a beautiful little gem - for which I have been waiting for literally months! It went into the ground in June and gets plenty of morning sun, but we just haven't had quite enough sunny days. I look for blooms every day and today I was rewarded! Its next-door-neighbor-vine, the Mexican Flame Vine, has been blooming for several weeks now. Next, I'll be looking for the blue morning glory that lives between these two on the fence to bloom. I planted it from seed, however, so it is far behind these two in growth. Guess I'll just have to keep talking to it~!

Okay, it rained on our day-before-Labor Day Family Pool Party again - second year in a row. And we have rain forecast for yet another whole week, and hurricanes heading in our general direction, so the clouds may be with us for even longer. It has been the absolute oddest weather year I've experienced. Guess we all got so used to the drought and we don't know what to do what an abundance of rain. Makes you really wonder about the very direct effects of Global Warming on our everyday lives -- now -- not just in the abstract future.