a toe into the water ...

That's what I feel like I've done. Dipped my big toe into the water. I'm not sure what this bed will look like when I'm done and it's approaching maturity. (That's because I didn't make a plan for it!) I swore that I would, but even though I design for other people, I rarely take the time to do it in my own gardens.

So, I've made a nice list of possible plants and have been nursery-hopping for 2 days. Today I found a nice dwarf variety of Abelias so I will be returning the 5 other abelias that I bought just yesterday at two different stores!

Thus far, my collection includes a Japanese Yew (Maki), and Anachoncha Orchid Tree, some trailing lantana, some prostrate rosemary, some cuphea, some variegated hostas, an umbrella plant, (Cyperus alternifolius) and a new discovery, Mickaela Euonymus. It's variegated, low and compact and trailing, very unlike the traditional Euonymus I'm used to seeing around town. I'm excited about having found something new and fresh -- I hope it doesn't die!

Tomorrow I plan to head to The Great Outdoors and Barton Springs Nursery for a few specimen plants and whatever strikes my fancy.