ta - daaaa

It's done! The plants are in the "BIG BED" and I gave them a little food just before we got a delightful scant inch of rain yesterday afternoon. I took it to mean that Mother Nature was pleased. (My rationalizing skills are, afterall, exceptional~!) Everyone seems happy -- I still need some more hostas around the corner in the shady area, but these are small places to fill with a few special little plants.

And, can you believe it, while I was getting this done I was hit upside the head with another idea and a plan for doing some work outside our back wrought iron fence. It's wild back there - completely natural - but I've always wanted some nice agaves, so this week I'll start pondering that! I moved four beautiful bi-color iris to just outside the fence because I knew they (unlike the other shrubs that weren't diseased) would survive a transplanting nicely with just a little nurturing. But now they need friends!

And I got another idea while I was garden-blog surfing last night - posting my to-do list! How's that for accountability?!! So, look for that soon.