Saturday, September 8, 2007


I hope this post does justice to the beautiful color of these Gerbera daisies. They are in a rustic metal pot on my back porch and are the most stunning salmon color. Not pink, not coral, but a delicate shade that just makes you appreciate nature's endless palette.
This little friend kept coming out onto the patio where Tanner (the tomato-stealing dog) kept eyeing him. I shooed him away into the garden twice before having to leave. I sure hope he stayed put, because Tanner's taste for tomatoes is only second to bugs!!


Anonymous said...

Your Gerberas are awesome. Do you pick them as they bloom so the keep coming on or is that not necc?

Diana said...

I don't actually pick them, but I should look into that because I'd love to have them bloom more/longer!

Green thumb said...

Your Gerberas look beatiful indeed!

Its sad to know that Charlotte is missing from her web.I hope she returns soon. Do keeep us informed.