It's fall, it's project time!

Just a little peak into Miss Kallie's window through the bi-color iris and her windowbox of colorful plants. Wish you could see that the window on the inside is covered with a whole set of farm life clings, complete with cows and barns and chickens and hay! So, she has a lovely fantasy/floral view!

Here is a shot of my enormous salvia leucantha that I posted about a few weeks ago when the first late bloom popped out. I'll post another this weekend, it should be in its full glory then!
I'm also about to call my big garden project help and cry while they tear out two giant (supposed to be) dwarf oleander, a primrose jasmine and two variegated privets. The entire bed - probably 20' x 15' - will be bare. I'm so sad, because the oleanders are diseased and terminal, and the other plants are giants as well, so they would not work any more without their enormous neighbors. But they are bird habitat for so many of our little feathered friends, so I am hoping to get some decent-sized plants back in there right away to by winter, they will have some cover to go to. They have loved these plants. Sometimes it's like a little chirping city in there!

So, I am starting over. Which is fun, I'm just still working on the vision and all the layers because it is such a very deep bed and I need to mix perennials with evergreen structure and balance textures and colors. I love the Texas-adapted English garden tumbled and layered look. The bed gets good morning to noon sun, a little dappled around noon and shade until late afternoon when the sun peaks back around the other side of the house. So, wish me luck and send me your favorite planting/shrub suggestions!