I'm baaack!

Ok--here are the long-promised Salvia Leucantha photos in full glory! I took these photos at two different times and was amazed at how different it looks in the changing light.

Sorry I've been remiss about blogging - we had family here from out of state and got to relax and actually enjoy our gardens and pool and plants all week without feeling compelled to weed or prune or deadhead. And how nice it is to listen to others appreciate the beds and comment on them. I realize I see them so differently than do guests. So, for a week, I've seen only the beauty and it's been delightful. Next week I'll be back to looking at them warts and all - and looking for leaf rollers and other pests!

And what a morning this morning was. I know it's warm out there now, but there was that subtle hint of cooler air this morning as I walked the dogs and sat outside planning the new front bed. A lovely way to usher in the Fall -- I sat in the Adirondack chair out back, listening to the gardening shows on the radio with Howard Garrett's book and a pad of paper in my lap, taking notes on trees and shrubs for foundation plantings. I've decided not to buy the new plants until the dead oleander and others are all cleaned out, so I can look at if for while and get some perspective on it.