Thursday, September 6, 2007

Cycle of Life

Ah, seeds. The beginning and the end. The end of the bloom season and the start of new possibilities. These wisteria beans hang regally from the young vine growing in the back corner of our yard. I love the few little blooms that brighten up our Spring here, but I am in absolute awe of the wisteria growing along Lady Bird Lake and Cesar Chavez that completely covers the top of a city building along the lake. It's hard not to start the day with a smile on your face when you drive by that every day!

Here are a few more pretty pictures of things in my garden today, like this Texas sage along the driveway.

Our magnolia blooms are just about to open up again. They are certainly happy with the cooler, wetter weather reminiscent of their preferred southeastern habitats

Lucky for me, I had the macro lens on my husband's camera and caught this beautiful swallowtail having some lunch while I was browsing the garden in search of photos!


Green thumb said...

"Cycle of life", such an apt heading for this beautiful post. It is true, how the changing season brings forth new flora, like your lovely wisteria beans, magnolias..
The swallowtail is beautiful, and seems to be enjoying her lunch!

Annie in Austin said...

My 'Little Gem' magnolia has made flowers off and on all summer - a delight, but who knows if it will happen in subsequent years.

Diana, I guess it's part of the gardeners' cycle of life to enjoy the little miracles we see!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose