Summer really has arrived...

Ok - so it's officially hot. And Summertime. And watering time. S'ok. It IS Texas after all - it's supposed to be HOT! And the heat is making so many of my plants happy again. Like this little guy, with his little bloom peeking out after a month of soggy, wet roots that I thought were going to give up. I'm not even sure what this plant is, but I like it -- it makes me smile.

There's a running "To Do" list in my head, including projects for the fall, like removing the dying oleander and overgrown primrose jasmine in the front beds and starting a new design from scratch. Something more appropriate to that space, and something I can call "mine," instead of something that I inherited with the house. I think the previous owners literally planted one of everything with no regard to size or sunlight or sensibility! New projects and landscape designs excite me. Pulling weeds doesn't excite me. But, THAT's what't at the top of my list right now! So, for now, I'll pull weeds and dream about planting a flowering quince in that perfect pink/coral color that will join my daffodils as the first harbingers of spring next year.

Speaking of quince - I'm looking for a particular variety -- with the coral-colored blooms we find dotting the beautiful, rich central Austin gardens of yesteryear. Not the Texas Red, or even pink, but that delicate coral color that is is so rare in the garden, and makes this quince so distinctive. I've done some searching, but haven't had much luck. Any ideas on the name of the variety I want or where I can find one?