Happy Bloom Day

Pride of Barbados

Happy Bloom Day. Technically, I'm not there to see my blooms, but I did take pictures a day early so I could post them. Tomorrow I'll send some interesting things from central Indiana, where it was 75 degrees when we got off the plan yesterday! Amazing. But they have been as dry as we have been wet, and the crops are not bearing up well at all. The corn is very dry and some of it looks half-dead. It's going to be a bad year for farmers around here. And the horses have to be fed hay because there isn't much else for them in the fields. A sad state of affairs. I wish we could have sent them a little of our rain, but I guess that's just now how it works.

Ecstatic Esperanza

Black Elephant Ears, Esperanza and Angel's trumpet

Passioinate Plumeria