Does he look GUILTY ???

I've had my suspicions for a while...and today, I finally caught him! My dog, Tanner, has been eating tomatoes from our garden! He kept taking too long to come inside when I called him, and he'd come from that side of the yard behind a little fence, licking his chops. But I thought, "surely not." Surely. Today I caught him over there with a little porter tomato in his mouth! I made him spit it out - half eaten. Maybe that's where his horrific gas has been coming from... (I know, TMI!) So, now I am faced with a dilemma -- do I sacrifice a few fallen tomatoes to the birds and the dog, or put some sort of fence up? Trouble I expect from the wild critters we share our space with - bunnies, birds, grasshoppers, but not my own mutt. Ah, ya gotta love him.