The Little Things

As a gardener, it really is the little things for me. It's the little things (weeds) that drive me crazy and make it impossible for me to sit in my back yard and relax without staring them down or getting up to pull them! And it's the precious little clusters of border and filler plants that bring me such pleasure. I ordered these tiny plants from a catalog in early spring, to fill a narrow strip of border along the front walk way. They haven't done much in all these months and I'm not sure why, but they are so delicate and pretty I can't much fault them. They're trying, and I guess that's what counts.

The lantana seems rather ordinary, but it performs so beautifully and I love all the rich blends of colors, the orange-reds, the confetti, the fucsia and orange, they love our heat and are finally recovering from all of our rainy, gray days.